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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Bryan-College Station

Wisdom teeth are your third set of molars living far back in your gum line on your upper and lower jaw. They generally lie below the gum line and grow, pushing on your teeth as they try to erupt from the gum line. Typically, this happens for patients around the ages of 17-25.

Dr. Thornton will use an X-ray to determine where your wisdom teeth are growing and where they might impact your teeth. Not every patient has to remove their wisdom teeth, but most do as their oral health can be negatively impacted by these large molars.

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When do I Need to Remove my Wisdom Teeth?

Dental extraction is usually performed as a last resort when teeth are too severely damaged to be saved, or when leaving a tooth in the mouth will cause more harm than good. There are four primary reasons why you might need to have a tooth extracted.

What Can I Expect During A Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Dr. Rahimi-Thornton will want to initially conduct a thorough examination of the wisdom and surrounding teeth. Panoramic or digital x-rays will be taken for her to evaluate the position of the wisdom teeth and determine if a current problem exists or the likelihood of any potential future problems. The x-rays can also expose additional risk factors, such as deterioration or decay of nearby teeth.

Early evaluation and treatment (typically in the mid-teen years) are recommended to identify potential problems and improve the results for patients requiring wisdom teeth extractions. Only after a thorough examination can Dr. Rahimi-Thornton provide you with the best options for your particular case.

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Wisdom Tooth Dentist in Bryan-College Station

After your procedure, it’s important to take it easy. For the next 24-72 hours, you’ll want to rest and drink plenty of water. If you’ve noticed some swollen cheeks, know this is perfectly normal and will subside within a few days. You can apply an ice pack to keep the swelling down. Try not to consume solid food or hot beverages straight after your surgery, as your mouth can’t operate the way it usually would. Avoid foods that can get easily dislodged in your sockets, like nuts or chips.

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