Emergency Dentistry

Accidents happen, and it’s essential to be prepared! While our teeth are naturally strong and durable, they’re not invincible. Physical trauma, infection, and gum disease can undermine our health and cause permanent damage. That’s why it’s crucial to have an emergency dentist to handle unexpected and severe emergencies. Visit us at Thornton Dental for this emergency dentistry in Bryan College Station, Texas.

What is an Emergency Dentist?

An emergency dentist is a trained dentist that can handle oral health accidents. Emergency dentists can diagnose and treat complex, immediate problems and offer the best course of action. With speed and accuracy, it’s possible to reduce long-term damage. Usually, emergency appointments need to be scheduled, although many dentists offer walk-in patients for immediate care.

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When to Visit an Emergency Dentist?

  • Knocked-out Tooth. If your tooth is ever knocked out, contact us immediately! With speed, it’s possible to place your original tooth back in place. If this happens, do the following: 1.) pick up the fallen tooth by the crown, careful not to touch the roots 2.) Rinse the tooth with milk or water. Don’t wipe it off with a washcloth or fabric. 3.) Place the tooth in a glass of milk or water. 4.) If you can place the tooth back into your socket with pain, do so. 5.) Contact us. 
  • Swollen or Bleeding Gums. While gum irritation happens, if it bleeds, contact us. Bleeding and pain are signs of an underlying dental issue. There may be an infection, and it should be treated immediately.
  • Broken Crown. A dental crown protects your tooth from infection and physical damage. Without protection, you expose your inner tooth to oral bacteria. Schedule an emergency dental visit and avoid needing a root canal, extraction, or a more serious procedure. 
  • Unexplainable Toothache. Toothaches aren’t just painful nuisances- they’re warning signs. Sudden and unexpected tooth pain isn’t normal and should be checked by a dental expert immediately. Until then, try subsidizing the pain with a cold press, pain medication, and rinsing your mouth with saltwater. 
  • Large Cracks or Chips in Tooth. Teeth have a hard exterior shell called enamel. Inside the enamel are tooth pulp, veins, and roots. When the enamel is compromised, it leaves the interior tooth vulnerable to disease and infection. No matter how big or small, it’s crucial to have a dental expert analyze the damage. 

Benefits of Emergency Dentistry

  • Reduce Risk of Infections. Emergencies happen for a reason. If an infection is causing you pain, we can handle it immediately. The difference between a few days can cause a domino effect that significantly alters the treatments available. 
  • Protect Your Family. Accidents happen, and it’s essential to safeguard your family with a Plan B. If an accident happens and you’re not prepared, damage may be irreversible. 
  • Save Money and Time. While you might think you are saving time and money by ignoring the problem, the opposite is happening. When you put aside immediate concerns, you risk complicating the issue. Minor accidents that go untreated can develop into significant problems that require invasive, irreversible treatment. 
  • Pain Relief. Don’t suffer longer than necessary. It often takes one visit to an emergency dentist to diagnose the problem and offer adequate medication and treatment. 

Emergency Dentist in Bryan-College Station

Our teeth are a lifelong asset that needs to be protected. They help us eat, talk, and smile. As with all investments, you need a backup plan and an emergency route- especially if you have a family! Dr. Iman Rahimi Thornton and our team are ready to address all your dental needs. Equipped with the most advanced technology and techniques, we’re happy to handle any emergency. 

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