Teeth Whitening

Get a Whiter, Brighter Smile

Give Your Smile That Extra-White Shimmer

If you are searching for a solution to restore your white, bright smile, you may want to consider teeth whitening, the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure today. At Thornton Dental, we use the safest and most effective products to deliver the dazzling smile you desire. If you have ever wished for that “Hollywood smile,” teeth whitening might be right for you. Through professional teeth whitening, we can lighten staining and discoloration caused by various factors, such as:

  • The natural aging process
  • Poor dental hygiene habits
  • Drinks and foods, including tea, wine, coffee, and soda
  • Smoking and other forms of tobacco use
  • Illness
  • Certain medications
  • Fluorosis
Dental veneers in Bryan Thornton Dental dentist in Bryan, TX Dr. Iman Rahimi
Dental veneers in Bryan Thornton Dental dentist in Bryan, TX Dr. Iman Rahimi Dental Exams and Cleanings Thornton Dental dentist in Bryan, TX Dr. Iman Rahimi

In-Office Professional Whitening

Patients may now be able to experience supreme comfort while whitening their teeth with desirable outputs by using the advanced KöR Whitening. KöR Whitening incorporates the most advanced 20% carbamide peroxide formula for stellar results.

Accurate impressions of the teeth are made and sent to the KöR laboratories. There they fabricate comfortable and precise trays. Patients use whitening gels inside the trays and wear them for a few nights. The results are simply amazing. Your teeth can appear up to 10 shades whiter following your professional whitening treatment.

Take-Home Whitening Kit

If you prefer at-home teeth whitening, we can provide you with a custom-fitted tray and Opalescence whitening gel. We will also include instructions to follow for the safest and best results. You may not achieve your desired whitening outcomes as quickly as with in-office whitening, but you will eventually enjoy dramatic results.

Although this treatment uses a less intense whitening gel, it still effectively penetrates deep into your enamel to break up stains and lift them away. Your personal at-home whitening treatment recommendations, including treatment time, depend on the degree of discoloration and your desired level of whitening.

Teeth Whitening in Bryan-College Station

Having a brilliant white smile is everyone’s dream come true and can be regarded as pleasant and pleasing in various situations. They help boost self-esteem and also feel more comfortable and confident among peers. With Opalescence Teeth Whitening or KöR Whitening, you can get whiter teeth just the way you want. Reserve your teeth whitening appointment today.

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