Extra Protection For Your Teeth

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that strengthens your tooth’s enamel surface. Enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, but even enamel can use a bit of help to fight the acids that cause a cavity. We can apply fluoride treatment at one of your dental checkups. With this fluoride boost, your teeth will better be able to withstand the daily onslaught of decay-causing bacteria.

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What to Expect From the Fluoride Process?

At your appointment, Dr. Rahimi-Thornton will apply fluoride treatment either in the form of a foam or gel that’s put inside of a disposable tray. You will keep the tray in your mouth over a period of time, ranging from a few minutes.

In some cases, we may apply a varnish directly to the tooth rather than a gel or foam. The formulas used at our dentist office are much stronger than items you’d find at your pharmacy for at-home treatment.

What does Fluoride do?

Fluoride helps to strengthen your teeth and protect them from tooth decay. As you eat and drink throughout the day, bacteria, sugars, and acids constantly attack the enamel of your teeth. Fluoride works to remineralize tooth enamel, preventing tooth decay and cavities.

In addition, fluoride can strengthen teeth as they develop to make sure they are strong and healthy. This makes fluoride very important for children as their teeth grow.

Fluoride Dentist Near Me

Fluoride treatment is just one of the ways our team helps you keep your smile healthy for a lifetime. You can quickly use a fluoride treatment in combination with other general dental services at your next teeth cleaning or oral exam. Or, you can schedule a fluoride treatment at a separate time convenient for you.

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