Welcome, dear reader, to the ultimate beginner’s guide to dental crowns! We’re here to help you navigate the world of dental restorations and learn everything you need about these magical little caps. After all, Dr. Iman Rahimi Thornton and our team are passionate about helping you achieve optimal oral health. Under our watchful eye, we can rebuild any smile with the power of dental crowns in Bryan College Station, Texas!


Ok, What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are custom-made caps that fit over your natural teeth, covering them entirely. Like a wizard from Harry Potter, they can magically transform any damaged, decayed tooth into an ideal specimen. We can build them from ceramic, metal, and zirconia materials. Dental crowns can support other restorative treatments, such as bridges and dentures, and can last years with proper care.


A Happy List of Benefits:

There’s a reason everyone loves dental crowns! From protecting weak teeth or fixing cracks, dental crowns have something for everyone. These magical little caps tightly hug your teeth and provide a wide range of benefits in the process: 



When are Dental Crowns Needed? 

Dental crowns are typically helpful for severely damaged or decayed teeth where a filling isn’t sufficient. Those with large cavities, root canal treatment, or tooth decay may need dental crowns. Crowns can also be used after a root canal to protect the tooth from further damage.


If Not Dental Crowns, Then What? 

If a dental crown is not the right choice for your situation, several alternatives are worth considering! We can use veneers, inlays, and onlays can restore your smile to its highest standard. Regardless, Dr. Thornton and our team will customize your treatment plan to meet your needs, goals, and situation.


Dental Crowns, the Bestest of Friends – A Short Poem

Here’s a short poem that briefly explains how to take care of your dental crowns, keep them safe, and show them the love they deserve! 


“Take care of your dental crowns, 

And your smile will never frown. 

Brush and floss with gentle care, 

And your dental crowns will always fare.


Avoid chewing on hard or sticky treats, 

And don’t forget to schedule regular dental meets. 

With proper care and maintenance, 

Your dental crowns will stay in their best stance.


So brush twice daily and floss with ease, 

And avoid habits that cause dental disease. 

Your dental crowns will thank you, we swear, 

And bathe them with love they deserve to wear.”


Dental Crowns in Bryan College Station, Texas

So there you have it! Dental crowns are a valuable tool for restoring damaged teeth and supercharging your smile for any social situation. Keep your pearly whites safe, and cap them with a beautiful, shiny crown. After all, your teeth deserve it! At Thornton Dental, we’re here to help every step of the way and offer a patient-centric model that everyone can benefit from. We’re thrilled to help you achieve optimal oral health. 


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