While teeth whitening may seem simple initially, it has various surprising benefits. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your appearance or remove a pesky stain, there’s an answer for everyone! That’s why we use the most advanced technologies and techniques at Thornton Dental to bring you high-quality teeth whitening in Bryan, TX

  1. Brighter Smiles, Brighter Futures! First impressions matter a lot- especially when meeting someone important! Whether you’re applying for a new job, asking someone to marry you, or making a lasting impression on a client, a bright smile goes a long way. A clean, white smile makes you appear more orderly, intelligent, and trustworthy. Give yourself an edge in the corporate world with a blazing smile. 
  2. Increase Self Confidence. Feeling good about yourself is easy when you have a smile that glitters! Greet yourself each morning with a fresh, bright smile that’ll leave your friends starstruck.
  3. More Attractive. Studies show that people with bright smiles are seen as more attractive and confident. Because our smiles are so visible to others, it’s a good idea to maintain them to a high level of cleanliness. Teeth whitening goes a long way in a world that constantly judges books by their covers. 
  4. Teeth Whitening is 100% Safe. All our treatments are FDA approved and are safe for consumer use. Whether you’re looking to try out our Opalescence whitening gel or the KöR Whitening System, you’ll find safety and comfort in each option. 
  5. It’s Fast. Teeth whitening is almost instantaneous, unlike other treatments, which may take weeks or months to set in. Depending on the treatment you pursue, results could be as fast as a single sitting! With results being able to increase teeth whiteness by ten shades, it’s a quick and easy way to boost your cosmetic wardrobe.
  6. Improve Oral Hygiene. Teeth whitening isn’t a one-trick pony. Aside from cosmetic benefits, it also offers a hygiene boost that may surprise you! With our treatments, we’ll be able to erase stains across your teeth. While stains aren’t particularly fatal, they allow harmful bacteria to fester, which can lead to cavities and infections. 
  7. A Personalized Experience. Everyone that comes into our office can expect a unique, individual experience. We don’t ctrl+c our treatments! Because we tailor our services to the individual, our treatments last longer, work more effectively and give you desired results. 
  8. Long-Lasting Results. We design all our treatments to last as long and as effectively as possible. Our whitening agents bond with each tooth and remove all the stains. Backed with good oral habits, teeth whitening can last for years. 
  9. At-Home Treatment. We offer Opalescence gel for anyone looking for a safe, at-home treatment. After all, only some have the time to go to the dentist!
  10. Teeth Whitening is Affordable. Teeth whitening is an affordable gift that gives you some serious bang for your buck! With its longevity and noticeable impacts, teeth whitening is a win-win for everyone. 


Teeth Whitening in Bryan, TX.

We offer two great ways for anybody to whiten their teeth at Bryan College Station! With KöR Whitening System, we use an advanced 20% carbamide peroxide formula to enhance your smile by ten shades! Our Opalescence whitening gel is perfect for those who want an at-home, hands-on solution. Our team will help identify your specific needs and which treatment suits you best. 

A bright smile goes a long way in the corporate world, with oral health and self-confidence. With so many benefits, why wait? Dr. Iman Fahimi Thornton and our team of experts have decades of experience to provide the most incredible experience possible. 

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